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Iron remover

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Main Products: magnetic separation equipment
Model No.: zt-02 Place of Origin: China

Type compound processing

Form of processing trade

Item No. zt-02

Proofing cycle 1-3 days

Processing cycle 1-3 days

Annual processing capacity

The quotation method is based on the actual order quotation.

Manual permanent magnet separator

RCYP series manual permanent magnet separator is a manual iron-removing iron separator composed of high-performance permanent magnet core, unloading chain and chain guard, which is used together with various conveyors. It is used to automatically remove ferromagnetic impurities from non-magnetic materials. Its internal magnetic circuit is designed by computer simulation and has perfect dual magnetic pole structure. When the ferromagnetic debris adsorbed at the bottom of the magnet accumulates to a certain extent, the handle is manually shaken to drive the scraper to remove the scrap iron. This series of products is cheaper and more economical than the belt type self-unloading iron remover.


Iron removal device selection guide

1. The correct selection of the iron remover must consider the iron content of the material, the iron removal requirements, the use environment and the characteristics of the iron remover itself.

2. When there is more iron in the material, the self-unloading electromagnetic and permanent magnet separators (RCYD, RCYG, RCYC, RCDD, RCDF series) with continuous iron discharge capacity should be selected.

3. When there is less iron in the material, manual unloading electromagnetic and permanent magnet separators (RCYB, RCYA, RCDA. RCDB. and RCDE series) should be used. Properly reducing the suspension height is beneficial to removing iron.

4. If the user has strict requirements on the removal rate of the iron, there are more manganese steel in the miscellaneous iron. More like a sphere. The intensity is large, and it is recommended when the material layer is thick:

a super model to buy iron remover, that is, large or secondary selection.

b Multi-stage iron removal, but the iron removal force of the latter stage should be higher than that of the former stage. Otherwise, the iron removal effect of the latter stage iron remover is poor.

c Mixing different models, such as the head of the belt machine adopts the permanent magnet rotating drum, and the middle part of the belt machine adopts the permanent magnet self-discharging type iron remover.

5. When the use of environmental dust is serious or requires explosion-proof occasions, it is recommended to use a permanent magnet iron remover. The drive motor of the permanent magnet self-unloading iron remover is available for explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof.

6. When the iron remover is installed on the head of the belt conveyor, it is beneficial to remove iron due to the material's forward momentum and looseness, but the drive wheel at the bottom of the iron remover should be non-ferromagnetic material.

7. When the iron remover is installed in the middle of the belt conveyor (ie, cross-arranged), in order to improve the iron removal effect, the bottom of the belt can be directly under the iron remover.

A non-magnetic flat roller or a non-magnetic roller is added to the surface.

Permanent magnet separator technology introduction automatic iron remover automatic iron remover

Technical introduction 1, high-performance NdFeB magnetic source, strong magnetic, not easy to demagnetize. RCYD series self-unloading permanent magnet iron remover

2, the two sides of the drum is a waist drum structure, with automatic correction function, excellent sealing, so it can adapt to a variety of harsh environments. ,

3. The control part can be chained by belt conveyor, which can realize two methods of manual control and centralized control.

4, no excitation coil, energy saving.

5. No need for rectification control device, high reliability.

6, there is no temperature rise problem, the magnetic field strength does not exist in the "cold state" and "hot state", the magnetic field is constant.

7. When the power is off, the iron parts sucked on the iron remover will not fall back to the conveying material.

8. There is no insulation and pressure resistance. It can be an explosion-proof dust collector with an anti-explosive motor driven scrap iron conveyor belt. However, the magnetic field strength of the permanent magnet separator will be attenuated.

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